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Morgantown in Motion

Actualizado: 7 nov 2021

Morgantown is located in the state of West Virginia, within driving distance of Pittsburgh, PA. This video provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city center, the university venues, and the north-flowing Monongahela River. The film blends incredible technology and background music. This city-in-motion illustrates experiences that captures the spirit of the people and cultures. The city exhibits the symbiotic relation that exists in many US small cities: the intertwined relation between a university and the urban area serving a Metro area of 105,000 population.

Over the last years, in his spare time, Chad Griffith has been making time lapse videos of scenes around Morgantown, West Virginia, the home of West Virginia University. This video (1.3 K) contains his favorite time- lapse adventures. Date: October, 2011. Music: "Twelve Days Awake" from New York group, 'The American Dollar' ( theamericandollar) Download a free compilation of 9 of their best tracks here: 2bflc4m Also, let Chad know what you think. Visit his website. Chad Griffith Photography Contact:

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